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TO KEEP OUR CHILDREN OUT OF THE STREETS, AND DANGERS THEY COULD BE EXPOSED TO . ALSO, HELPING ADULTS WHO NEVER HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO BRING OUT THEIR TALENT  DUE TO ANY REASONS. We have the experience, talent, tools and desire to give to YOU ALL another option in life and lead their lives into a healthy environment without drugs, hate, racism, divisions, etc., make the difference in our society and build a better future for Our Children, The Future Adults and Leaders, Our Community, Our Nation! Our tool: We offer a comprehensive, hands-on - Music and Music Education. 
We teach music notation using Alfred's Course, Suzuki , Progressive, and other recognized methods by conservatories and colleges, so the students get proper foundation in Music (Theory and Practice), Also, Students will be given time to time different challenges to play by ear different songs and start enyoing making music in a simple way. Responsibility, Tenacity, Persistence, Friendship, Unity, Sympathy, Imagination, Consistency, Patience... and use those concepts in whatever environment and Career they choose in life. 95% of our students since 2002 had been adults. I always tell them to have patience with themselves and know that proper music education cannot be reached in just a few months. Music is a career like any other one, except that we as musicians enjoy what we do, music to as and everything related to it is not a job.
Our motto for MUSIC is:
M elody,
U nity,
S ympathy,
I  magination and 
C onsistency.
Learn how to Produce, Mix, and Master your music at home by learning the basics of the recording using Protools & Cubase programs. We  also help musicians, singers, and voice over artists to create their own C.D.'s from scratch, with Beats, Arrangements, Instrumentals, Soloists, and Choirs. We have the technology and the time to produce top quality Music.
Music For All Can Come to you! We can bring you A Music Teacher, Live Performers, Entertainers, DJs, Bands and Soloists to make your occasion the best!.
We only use our best professionals who have proven themselves for your events. We can accommodate to teach Individuals or entertain at any party size or type.
We have the tools for high school students to volunteer in different areas depending on capacities and desires. We can have you at the front desk answering or making phone calls to and from students. Candidate must have school forms and/or permission from parents if are under 18 yrears of age. Flexible Hours and days of volunteering:
Monday through Friday 
between 4:00 to 9:00 Pm during school year
Saturday and Sunday Anytime.
Summer: Any day between 9 am to 9 pm
What can we share?
We all can share something from our own environment. So, If you are a music teacher who reads music, have clean back round, have nice personality and mostly, love to share your music knowledge, then please let us meet you, we might have a part time employment opportunity for you. Nights and weekends.
On the other hand, If you do not have any music talent but want to make some extra income and have the other requirements, then we might give you a chance to help out in our advertisement department. Please contact us at this link then call us or text us to make an appointment to schedule a free audition.

Call us for a free consultation at:
Office: (954)321-1850
Direct: (954)-588-8103
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