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           It was a pleassure to have being invited by the City of Sunrise to perform a couple of patriotic songs on July 4th 2018. I sang The National Anthem and God Bless America.


Students who have proven their talent with excellent progress during the time they have been at Music For All:  Alexandra Z. (Flute & Piano), 



Students had performed Christmas Carols on Dec 17th at the Village Civic Center at 6800 Sunset Strip, Sunrise, Fl. 33313 when we had joined  the East Sunrise Association monthly activity. They did a great Job! Congratulations to each of you for the great effort you had put in to it in your practices to make this a beautiful celebration. Everyone seemed to like it very much.

Thanks a lot also to our guest Tannya Sashenka, Middle Eastern Dance Performer for her wonderful presentation!

Hi Dear,

This is Hernan,

I want to humbly thank God for had given me so many talents and time to practice music and mostly, for giving me the desire to share it with others :-)

Before Music For All Center was born, i was teaching music lessons from a very young age, since 1984,   I believe that the world could be better if there are other dreamers like me whom using music as a tool, could change not only our personal lives, but our neighborhood and why not, the whole wide world. Where music brings the best feelings our of people. Music is something very delicate that can: Bring good feelings from people. Music can also make peoples life change, it can make people dance. Music (some classical, like from Mozart has been recommended by experts to change and put in order peoples behavior, for the better. Of coursse you most be careful with some sounds with no beat, that produces bad habits as drugs. I suggest to stay away from it. If we use nice music to make a better sociaty where there is love, peace...
 Plese let us make nice music :)
 Hernan :-) 

Happy Anniversary to Music For All!

On August 2, 2002 Music For All, Inc was incorporated in the state of Florida! Even I was teaching music from before in a part time basis, I have put all my hope, work and investments in Music For All and my students. I believe strongly in music, music lessons, concerts, recordings and everything good that surrounds music and music education. I do not really appreciate and approve when music is mixed with drugs or any other bad "habits" Very loud music is also bad for your hearing.  Please use Music as a tool for Peace...

Happy Earth Day

Earth Day should be every day!

This day reminds me when I was a child...we were taking to a field around a canal to plant little trees... :-) it was nice field trip :-) we had to walk a long distance to get there with the little plants in our hands. We made a holes and then planted them. Not too many people knew what happened to those trees after a while. Today I have plants: Avocados, Papayas, Aloe Vera...even onions and tomatoes...I believe that humanity is more interested in consuming rather than producing. Instead, people are cutting trees, making the earth suffer. It's getting hotter than before and the temperatures are getting very uncomfortable! Do you have a space in your backyard to plant a tree? If so, then ask also your city managers for permission and suggestions. Sometimes they give you the trees :-) if not, then ask me about it, i have few that I do not have room in my patio :-)

Special Thanks

Special thanks to all my former teachers In Colombia, S. America  the great Baritone and renowed Worldwide Alfonso Escobar who gave me the good foundation tools to get the motivation I still have this days. Also Special thanks to Dr. Beverly Coulter,  in Miami, Florida, who always believed in me & my talent; who also went an extra mile to get the best results of me during five years at  Miami-Dade College from 1989 to 1994 and keeping me motivated in this  difficult music education career. If there were more teachers like you, this world would be better. I will never forget you or let you down!  Please call me anytime if you need me for anything!  and like a son tells his parents when he becomes one too: I am sorry for the hard time I could of caused you If I ever unvoluntarily did. Hernan :-)

Clases de Musica en Español

Nacido y criado en Colombia, estudie en Medellin y luego viaje a Estados Unidos a continuar mi educacion musical. Siempre busque profesores de musica en Español, pero era dificil. Osea que inverti mucho tiempo aprendiedno el Ingles para poder estudiar musica. Mi curriculum esta disponible al publico, con mis calificaciones, cartas de recomendacion como profesor de musica experimentado. En vista que los latinos nos estamos mudando al norte, por eso ofrecemos clases de musica en Sunrise, Florida..

Llamenos para una audicion si quiere estudiar vocalizacion en Español en Sunrise, Fl. Ofrecemos: Clases de piano, clases de Guitarra, lecciones de canto, lecciones de bajo, clases de violin, clases de bateria, clases de violoncello, lecciones de musica en español, dlases de viola, clases de flauta, educacion musical en Fort Lauderdale en general para todos los gustos y todos los colores, musica para todos, clases de musica privadas, a domicilio y clases de musica en grupos, gravaciones de musica, preparacion para audiciones musicales, y mas...tambien ofrecemos clases de musica por intertent si tiene camara, microfono y Skype o Line, servicios de Karaoke y presentacines en fiestas y musica para diferentes actividades. y mas para ofrecer :)



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