Dr.Hernan Zapata PhD.

International Musician, Tenor, Music Director, Multi-Instrumentalist, Teacher

Born and Raised In Medellin, Colombia

Height 5'6 - Hair Black - Eyes Brown

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Hernan D. Zapata, a native of Medellin, Colombia, holds a Doctor of Music from the University of Canterbury University. His young career started by playing the guitar with a group he created: "Grupo Mensaje" which its main mission was to explore the art of harmonic chorale music and popular music accompanied by guitars with non-profit expectations. This group performed at places like: Churches, Jails, Elderly houses, Civic reunions, Kindergartens and Schools.

Eventually, looking for a challenge, he joined the: "Coral Bravo Marquez" a group of four harmonic voices, with 30 members singing classical chorale music such as: Matona Mia Cara, Eco Mormola Londre and other medieval tunes A-Capella. He also was part of a choir of 500 singers who performed for the pope: Juan Paul II in Medellin, Colombia in 1984. Later, he received a scholarship to enter the "Conservatorio de la Universidad de Antioquia to receive his first techniques in opera and classical music from a very well known International tenor. Hernan learned and performed Areas and Songs like: Nel Corpio Non Mi Sento, La Donna EMobile, Granada, Se Tu M'ami Se sospirit, and Caro Mio Ben. Eventually he traveled to the U.S.A. where he explored a monastic life with the Benedictines in Covington Louisiana, and St. John Vianney College Seminary where he also has the pleasure of been part of the Mass that John Paul II performed in Miami 1988.

He then continues his music education at Miami Dade College where he was re-discovered by Dr. Beverly Coulter who knew how to continue the education process. She exposed Hernan to the public in Florida to continue performing Classical Areas from Operas already known and others more from Mozart like: Coronation Mass, Un Aura Amorosa, Amelia goes to the Ball where he played the: Lover Character and authors like: Giovanni Pergolesi, Agustin Lara, Carlo Menotti...between much more...

Hernan, during his years in school away from his home town and large family of 16 brothers and sisters, knew how to start his new life in the new land.

When he is part of a group of people he feels at home! He knows also exactly the meaning of: "... the home of the brave" (U.S.A. National Anthem) because of his difficult times to stay in school full time and try to make a living at the same time without the financial support of a family.

Some of his colleagues said: "Hernan is clearly a soloist singer", some others said he was a great guitarist because he could play classical guitar, Music from Spain and modern styles like from Otmar Libert or Santana in places like South Beach; but his dream was not playing in clubs or even in churches, which he experienced for many years, but to teach and share his knowledge.

"It is nothing more rewarding than sharing because it full fills my soul, it feels like been in many places at the same time. I am where my students are performing or making music in anyhow. Even you cannot charge what you deserve and need but, teaching is what makes me happy. I do not drive the car of the year but is ok because my heart is full of joy because I work in what I love most! “Hernan :-) That is why he decided to stop been on stage and be behind the curtains.

Therefore, and still in his youth he established a corporation in order to use his talent in a full potential: Music For All, Inc. in 2002. He started to teach Guitar, Vocals, Flute, Piano, Music Theory and Bass guitar. Eventually, during the full time spending at Music For All, he continues to learn the Violin, Viola, Cello and Harp from other teachers. He trained students whom later become new part time employees, music directors, soloists and performers.