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   Music For All Center is located in Sunrise, Florida U.S.A. It was founded by Dr. Hernan Zapata (International Multi-Instrumentalist and Singer)
"After trying many roads in life in different fields during my years in school; I got to the conclusion that what makes sense in my life is Music. My Talent, Experience, and Education are my tools to serve the community.
I believe that if there is a person who is serious about music educationmusic career, hobby, or personal growth, then I would like to help you out. You can make your dreams come true because if I could learn music how to sing and play several musical instruments, then you could too!
If you think that taking music in college is not for you for whatever reason, then give us a chance to help you out. We have college level music programs, flexible fees and schedule . Hernan :=)
Call us for a free consultation at:
Office: (954)321-1850
Direct: (954)-588-8103
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