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Our mission is to provide tutoring in music to low-income families. We see music as an art and a language that can open different paths to happiness and make a difference in society.

Music lives right within our souls. When we hear, play, learn, teach, or even dance to music, we get a little closer to who we truly are: creative sensitive beings with the need to express creativity. 

We recognize that the school systems in the U.S. do not always see the value of music classes. We also know that taking music in college can be expensive and inflexible. Our affordable lessons, however, are open to anyone who is serious about music education, music as a career, or music as a hobby.

“If I was able to learn how to sing opera, play several musical instruments, and learn English as a second language, then you can make your dreams come true too!”

-Hernan D. Zapata R. (Founder)

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