Music For All Center was founded in 2002 by Hernan D. Zapata (International Multi-Instrumentalist and Singer).

Teaching Music

We strive to teach music to students of any age and any skill level. We hope that by encouraging young students to learn new musical skills, we can keep them off the streets and away from dangers they can be exposed to. We also wish to help adults that never had the opportunity to explore their musical talents.

We have the experience, knowledge, tools, and desire to teach music to the public, giving individuals an opportunity to lead a peaceful lifestyle without hate, racism, and other divisive practices. Playing music is an engaging skill that encourages stimulation of the mind.

We hope to make a difference in our society by building a better future for our children, adults, leaders, our community, and our nation as a whole! Our tool is offering a comprehensive and hands-on musical education.

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Learning Music

We teach music notation using Alfred’s Course, Suzuki, Progressive, and other methods that are recognized by music conservatories and colleges. Our students get a proper foundation in both music theory and practice. Besides following theory books, students are challenged to play-by-ear so they can enjoy making music in a simple way.

Whether a student is 5 years old or 97 years young, it is important for students to have patience and realize that proper music education can not be mastered in just a few months. Music is a career like any other, which is why it is important to enjoy the journey.

Party Entertainment

Music For All Center can come to you! To make your occasion the best, you can hire us to perform live and entertain any party size.

For more information, call us at 954-321-1850.

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