What is included in a singing class?

Voice classes should contain breathing exercises, warm-ups with scales, and music theory. Students will listen to examples of classical Italian songs to learn good vocal techniques. Students’ voices may be recorded once in a while to evaluate progress.

How do I know if I can take a singing class?

For a vocal coach, it is important to know the student’s previous singing experience, goals as a vocalist, motivations, and of course, the singer’s vocal range.

A student’s voice will be evaluated individually with an audition. In the audition, the vocal coach determines if the student is capable of matching a pitch and following a melody in different keys and rhythms.

What should I do to prepare myself for an audition?

One way of preparing for an audition is to practice singing karaoke songs. It is also recommended to join a school or church choir to experience what it is like singing on a stage. While a choir may not give individual voice coaching, students could start receiving feedback. Most church choirs are not looking for experienced people but for volunteers.

Do I have to learn proper music notation to be famous?

Not necessarily. Many famous singers don’t even know what a treble clef is. However, proper music lessons should teach you the real thing. At Music For All Center, voice students learn the basic concepts of reading and writing music notation.

What are some books to follow for voice training?

Alfred Music Theory

Famous Italian Songs

Cantar, Oir, Escribir

More suggestions depend on the type of music students wish to focus on.

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