Special thanks to all the educators that helped Hernan D. Zapata (Director of Music For All Center) achieve his dreams of teaching music to others.

A message from Hernan D. Zapata:

Special thanks to all my former teachers during my school years. I will never forget each of your faces, your techniques, love, and passion for music. I always have the intention of passing that passion for music to my students. I wish I could remember each of my mentors’ names to thank them publicly, but here are the most notorious mentors of mine.

Elkin Perez (R.I.P): guitarist from Medellin, Colombia, who taught me many guitar techniques.

Alfonso Escobar: baritone vocalist from Medellin, Colombia, who gave me the first foundation tools in vocal techniques.

Beverly Coulter: music director in Miami, Florida, who always believed in me and my talent; who went the extra mile to help me get the best grades during my college years; who kept me motivated in this wonderful musical education career. If there were more teachers like Beverly, this world would be a better and kinder place!

-Hernan 🙂

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