Are the drums the right instruments for me?

Drums include many instruments that are part of an ensemble’s percussion section. Playing drums is one of the most challenging instruments due to the variety of percussion instruments to play at the same time. It is not an instrument for everybody.

Percussionists tend to have a strong sense of rhythm. They also tend to have a formidable understanding of tempo. In an ensemble of many musicians, the percussionists will help the rest of the ensemble stay on beat.

What do I need in a drum set?

The basic instruments in a drum set are the snare drum, the bass drum, and the cymbals. Other instruments can be included, but this depends on the student’s preferences and proficiency. A drum student under 8 years of age can use a junior drum set. We recommend using a regular-sized drum set for drum students aged 9 and above.

What if my child wants to learn to play the drums, but I (the parent or guardian) want them to learn an instrument that is not as loud?

We have received this question a few times from parents throughout the years. Our number 1 recommendation is to use an electronic drum set. This set allows only the student to hear what they are playing using headphones. For a traditional drum set, the loud sounds can be reduced by soundproofing the room where the drum set is located. Damper pads can also be placed on the drums to reduce the volume.

How do you teach the drums?

We use a few music books, for drums lessons such as Essential Elements and Alfred Music Theory. Eventually, students can start playing by ear to follow the music from songs that they already enjoy. Having the opinion of a percussion instructor is recommended to make sure the student is following the tempo.

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