How important is a bass instrument in a band?

The “bass” sound can be considered as much as 50% of the all sound in a band! A band could have many instruments, but if it does not have a bass, then it will feel like something’s missing.

The bass guitar has a thicker diameter and produces a deeper sound compared to a guitar. The electric bass guitar is different from the string bass that is played in an orchestra, which can be played by finger picking or with a bow.

The electric bass guitar can be played in two ways, finger picking or with a pick depending on the preferred style. We can teach you both types of playing styles.

What do I need to learn the bass guitar?

To play the electric bass, a student also needs an amplifier. The cost of a good amplifier can range greatly. We recommend choosing one that includes accessories for your electric bass, like a bag for a pick, tuner, etc.

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